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Botox for Migraines

Want to look younger and stop migraines? Botox for migraines may just be the solution you need. It has helped many people end the suffering caused by that throbbing feeling that never seems to let up.

With migraines, they can derail your plans in an instant. But with Botox, you may be able to carry on with your life without these painful interferences.

Can Botox Help for Migraines?

In short, yes! If you experience those debilitating migraine symptoms 15 days or more every month, then this chronic condition can be treated with Botox.

Because Botox blocks certain chemical signals from your nerves, it can halt the muscles that are causing migraines. It was approved by the FDA for this use in 2010, and your insurance may cover Botox for migraines if you have a history of migraines, headaches for 15 days or more per month, and that last 4 hours per day or longer when you have them.

How Botox for Migraines Works

When you get migraines, you may experience nausea and vomiting. You may also be more sensitive to sounds, lights, and even smells.

With Botox for migraines, the injections affect the nerve endings and block the chemical releases for pain.

However, it’s not an instant cure. After receiving Botox for migraines, it may take 10 to 14 days to notice the difference. Additional treatments may be required to feel that relief.

Where is Botox Injected for Migraines

When you need Botox to relieve the symptoms of your migraines, it usually requires 31 injections, each with 5 units. These are most often injected into the upper bridge above your nose, on the forehead, temples, beck, back of the head, and upper back.

Are There Side Effects for Botox Administered for Migraines?

Fortunately, the side effects and complications from these treatments are extremely rare. Most commonly, you may feel neck pain and stiffness at the site of the injection.

Some people develop headaches afterward, while others may feel temporary muscle weakness in the upper shoulders and neck. You may feel like it’s hard to hold your head up, but don’t worry. These things will resolve after a couple of days.

While rare, Botox can spread beyond the injection site. That’s why it’s important to follow the provided aftercare instructions to prevent this.

Should you notice vision changes, muscle weakness, drooping eyelids, or difficulty swallowing, you should get medical treatment immediately.

What is a Botox Session Like for Migraines?

When you’re getting Botox for migraines, you’ll be relieved to know that the injections themselves are barely noticeable. Some people feel a slight sting or burning sensation, while others feel nothing at all.

The sessions for this treatment last anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. Botox will be injected into specified points on your head, neck, and shoulders.

You should be able to go back to your ordinary day after having this treatment. Keeping up with the aftercare instructions provided to you should improve your results.

How Often Do You Need to Get Botox Treatments for Migraines?

Generally, you will need to get more Botox injections to treat your migraines every 3 months. For some, this may give you a significant improvement that doesn’t require any further treatment.

For others though, you may need to continue to get Botox injections.

Why Choose Botox to Treat Migraines?

Chronic migraines can disrupt your life. Miami, this city never sleeps. You’ll miss out on the beaches, nightlife, and other things that make it such a great place to live.

If you don’t want to be in pain from your migraines, it’s worth considering Botox to treat them. Especially if you’ve tried other treatment options without any success.

While Botox for beauty is not covered by insurance companies, Botox for migraines usually is when you have a history of chronic migraines. You might want to call your carrier and find out if they’ll cover this treatment.

Botox can bring great relief to migraines. It can also keep you from having to take different medications each day to treat them, freeing you up to enjoy life.

Vida & Co: Where We Know Botox

In Miami, Vida & Co is the leader for Botox and other cosmetic treatments. We know how to expertly administer these injections for migraine relief. If you’re suffering from migraines, let us help you rid this pain.

We’re always here to answer your questions about Botox for migraines as well as for other beauty concerns. With our knowledgeable team of experts, we always strive to give you the best experience possible at every turn.

Contact us today to learn more about Botox and how it may help you finally find relief from chronic migraine pain.

With over 80,000 treatments performed, come see why clients choose Vida & Co.

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