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Kybella in Coral Gables

Transform your neck by reducing double chins for a more graceful appearance. Kybella treatments can drastically revamp your neckline and give you a more attractive silhouette. Look amazing in all your selfies without the appearance of lines and fatty deposits on your neck. If you’re ready for a new Hollywood look, call us today. You may be an eligible candidate for a Kybella treatment depending on your age, body, and health. We can help you plan your ideal look through a regime that is tailored to your body. Our Kybella specialists can walk you through the process and tell you what to expect. Find out how to get started and call Vida and Co. for an initial consultation in Coral Gables. 

What Is a Kybella injection?

Kybella is a prescription medicine that targets submental fat found just below the chin. It helps improve your profile and reduce the appearance of a double chin by reducing the amount of fat that collects there. The FDA has approved the use of Kybella for only the neck area with submental fat. Kybella does a great job of dissolving fat without leaving behind loose skin. 

How Do Kybella Injections Work?

Kybella is made with deoxycholic acid, which is a type of bile acid that is naturally produced by your body. Your organs use deoxycholic acid to absorb fat. The acid can destroy fat cells in the area where it is released. Kybella is the synthetic form of this natural compound. When applied to the area of your neck where there is excessive fat, it helps remove fatty layers. Kybella inhibits the double chin area from storing fat. 

After you take Kybella, it can be between four to six weeks before you notice fat reduction. With each additional treatment, the fat cells that create submental fullness are eliminated over time. Eventually, the area of your neck that is prone to double chins slims down. After the fat removal is complete, the treatment can last a lifetime. However, this applies to adults over the age of 25. A majority of adults stop being able to grow new fat cells after they’ve reached the age of 25. If you are under 25, you may have to restart the treatments if you notice fat returning at an older age. 

Am I Eligible For Kybella Injections in Coral Gables?

Kybella doesn’t provide the same level of benefits for everyone. You may not be eligible for Kybella based on your unique circumstances. The ideal candidates have the following criteria:

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Over The Age Of 21

If you are over the age of 21, you would be a great candidate because the amount of new fat cells being produced in your body is most likely slowing down. The treatments will last a lifetime in most cases, but if you are younger, you may need to redo some of your sessions. 

You Have No Allergies To Compounds

You must have no severe allergies to the active ingredients in the formula. For example, if you have sensitivities to deoxycholic acid, you may be ineligible because this can create unforeseen complications. 

Moderate Amount Of Fat Under Chin

Kybella can be used to remove double chins and moderate amounts of fat. If you have excessive fat deposits that are abnormal or a genetic defect, the outcome may not be the same. 

Tried Other Methods

If you’ve exhausted several methods of removing your double chin, for example, through diet, exercise, and massage therapy, then you may be a good candidate. This is also for individuals who want a non-surgical method of removing double chins.

Medically Healthy 

You should take the Kybella medication if you have a health disorder that can complicate the procedure. Additionally, if you are on other medication, this can possibly have contraindications with Kybella. You have to ask your doctor to ensure that Kybella is not harmful to you while you are on any other medication. 

Are There Any Side-effects?

Everyone is different, so you may experience unique side effects. The most common side effects of Kybella include bruising, numbness, swelling, pain, and redness. The recovery process is short and doesn’t require as much time as surgery. The side effects subside within one to two weeks.

How Can I Prepare For A Kybella Session in Coral Gables?

Don’t eat garlic for seven days to reduce your chance of bruising. Avoid taking anti-inflammatories the same week of your Kybella session. Stay away from wine because this can also improve your risk of bruising. Don’t work out directly after your Kybella session, as this can impact the outcome. Allow your body to heal first. You should also avoid high sodium foods, high amounts of sugar, niacin supplements, caffeine, spicy foods, and refined carbohydrates one to two days before your treatment. 

Learn How Kybella Can Work For You In Coral Gables

We cater to your needs by creating the look that you desire. Using advanced methods, we create a strategy where you receive multiple Kybella medical treatments until all the troublesome fat is gone. You can have a beautiful neckline and a more youthful appearance without a double chin. If you were unable to remove these stubborn areas of fat with traditional methods, for example, exercise and diet, but don’t want surgery, call us today to get started. Contact Vida and Co. now for an initial consultation in Coral Gables.

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