Lip Augmentation

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Lip Augmentation in Coral Gables

Amplify the appearance of your lovely lips with the latest developments in lip injections. If you want to make your facial appearance more dynamic, you can consider lip injections to give your lips a fuller look. Lip augmentation treatments make your lips look naturally plumper and don’t require surgery. To find out what type of fillers can be used and how your lips will be shaped, you can attend a one-on-one consultation with our certified specialists. We are very dedicated to giving you the look and experience you desire. Call Vida and Co. today for an initial consultation in Coral Gables. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Lip Injections?

Lip injections are cosmetic procedures that fill and plump your lips while smoothing out your wrinkles and making your lips fuller. The procedure for lip injections can be done with dermal fillers or a natural fat transfer.

Lip fillers are typically composed of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the body. These hyaluronic acid fillers will help change the shape of your lips, as well as their volume and structure. It is essential to understand that these fillers will not harm your body, and will be absorbed back into the body over time.

At Vida & Co, we understand how the procedure for lip injections works and what type of filler will produce the best results for your needs. Whether you want to add volume, define a deflated upper lip, plump up both lips, or restore and enhance volume, we are here for you.

A lip injection can greatly enhance the volume of your lips. They can restore the plumpness of your lips and don’t require surgical augmentation. Although they don’t slow down the aging process, you can look much more attractive with fuller and more noticeable lips. Here are other benefits of lip injections:

Improved Self Esteem 

Because lip injections redefine how your mouth is shaped, this can improve your overall appearance. Fuller lips have a younger look and can boost your self-esteem. Others will notice your lips and pay attention to their shape because they are plumper. 

They Are Safe

The procedure is simple and safe. There is a low risk of side effects and complications.

They Can Be Reversed

If you dislike how your lips look, you can have the entire procedure reversed. Your injector can use the enzyme hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler inside your lips so that they return to normal.

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How Are Lip Fillers Applied?

You will first meet with a certified doctor to consult on how you would like your lip filler augmentation performed. Your doctor will take photos of your lips and outline the shape of your lips and the symmetry of your face. After determining your facial balance, your doctor will help you decide the areas of your lips that need to be fuller. After this consultation, you will move forward with your lip augmentation appointment. First, a certified doctor uses a needle to inject small amounts of anesthetic into the inside of your mouth. This anesthetic will numb the top and bottom parts of your lips. After your lips are numbed, the doctor will target a specific part of your upper and bottom lip to inject the filler. The filler is pumped directly into the lip for the desired level of fullness. 

What Are The Types Of Fillers Used In Lip Injections?

There are many styles of lip augmentation fillers that you can use for fuller and plumper lips. 


Similar to botox injections, Juvederm is an injectable gel that can be used for lip augmentation and perioral lines around the mouth. It is a long-lasting filler that lets you fill your lips to the desired volume. Juvederm has hyaluronic acid, which is a natural compound that encourages collagen production and provides temporary lip augmentation. 


This is another form of lip filler that adds volume to the lips. It is also made of hyaluronic acid and can smooth the lines around the lips for up to one year. Restylane can also enhance the color of your lips. 

Restylane Lyft

In addition to lip augmentation, this treatment helps improve deeper facial tissues by correcting moderate to severe facial wrinkles. Deep folds and grooves can be filled with Restylane Lyft. Very flat flips can be improved with it as well. These treatments are for individuals with heavier frown lines around the mouth and can last an average of six months. 

How Do I Know What Type Of Lip Augmentation Procedure I Need?

You can leave it to your doctor to help you determine the best approach concerning your unique lip physique. The shape and symmetry of your lips are unique to you, which means that your lip augmentation procedure won’t be the same as any other client. Your doctor will analyze your face and determine the parts of your lips that should be plumper. After taking pictures and analyzing your facial shape, they will consult with you to inform you how your upper and bottom lips will be made fuller. Your doctor can also help you decide by using a lip injection simulator app. This allows you to see how you would look post-treatment. 

Depending on how frequently you want to reshape your lips, you can choose either a lip filler or lip augmentation procedure. Lip fillers are quicker, less expensive, provide instant results, and require more frequent treatments. Lip augmentation takes longer, has lasting results, is more expensive, and has a longer recovery time. If you are new to lip injection therapy, you can consider a lip filler that doesn’t last as long so you can test it out. 

Get Help From A Lip Augmentation Specialist Today in Coral Gables

You can get immediate direction by speaking with one of our certified specialists to find out if lip augmentation is the right approach for you. We consider your current situation and your vision for how you would like your lips to look. With the guidance of your lip augmentation specialist, you’ll receive a strategy for how we plan to shape your lips. To get more information on lip augmentation, call us so we can answer all your questions and concerns. Reach out to Vida and Co. for an initial consultation in Coral Gables.

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