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PRP & PRF Injections Coral Gables  

Bring back that strikingly youthful glow to tired skin by using PRP and PRF injection therapy. You can use this natural approach to improve the tone of your skin. It requires no surgery and no needles. These injections will enhance the surface of your skin because you are adding nutrients back to your skin. These nutrients come in the form of plasma, platelets, fibrin, collagen, and white blood cells. When you enrich your skin with the elements it needs, the tissue begins to repair itself. To find out more on whether this is a good approach for you, call Vida and Co. today in Coral Gables. 

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What Is A PRP And PRF Injection?

PRP is platelet-rich plasma, and PRF is platelet-rich fibrin. This injection therapy approach uses plasma from your blood to rejuvenate your skin naturally. Your blood is processed and separated into different layers. In PRP injections, the plasma at the top is injected back into your skin to help repair tissue damage. The alternative is to use plasma with higher concentrations of platelets, stem cells, and white blood cells to create more effective results. PRF injections have other layers, not just plasma injected back into the skin tissues.

How Are PRP And PRF Injections Performed?

When your blood is collected, it is spun in a centrifuge to separate it before it is re-injected back into your body. PRP and PRF are developed differently and have alternate results. In a PRF treatment, your blood is spun in centrifugation at a slower speed without the addition of any anticoagulants. The fibrin matrix begins to form, which helps keep your cells more active. This improves the release of growth factors that can help rejuvenate your facial tissues. 

PRP is created using a similar method, except it is spun at a faster rate. This allows the plasma at the top to be separated from the other layers of your blood. An anticoagulant is added so that the plasma doesn’t clot when injected back into your facial tissues. These injections are performed with the use of a blunt-tipped cannula without the use of needles. This helps reduce the amount of bruising you experience.

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What Are The Benefits Of PRP And PRF Injections?

PRP and PRF have wonderful effects that make your skin radiant. Here are some of the benefits you will experience. 

Natural Approach

PRP and PRF injections don’t require surgery. They use all-natural compounds that have little to no side effects. You can expect the treatment to last one to three weeks.

Scar Reduction 

Because PRP and PRF help regenerate tissue, this can reduce the appearance of scars over time. It increases collagen and growth factor production, both of which help heal scar tissue. 

Tissue Regeneration 

PRP and PRF treatments rejuvenate your skin by using your blood. Because they are rich in growth factors and collagen, this heals tissues, tightens the skin, and decreases signs of aging. 

Smaller Pores

Because of the collagen production created by PRP and PRF treatments, the elasticity around enlarged pores is improved. This can shrink pore size and help repair damaged skin. 

Reduce Wrinkles

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Growth factors and increased collagen production are known to help reduce wrinkles. When the skin is rejuvenated, it becomes more plump and youthful in appearance. 

Improved Skin Texture

When you have smoother, fuller, less wrinkly, and tighter skin, your overall skin texture will look great. Your skin won’t look as tired or worn out because of the increase in skin elasticity.

How Do I Know if PRP Or PRF Is Better For Me?

Depending on your goals, you may go with either PRP or PRF to get the results you’re looking for. You can talk to one of our specialists to help you decide which is the best approach for you. In general, if you want to start with a smaller blood sample, you can consider a PRF treatment. This is if you want a treatment with more white blood cells, fibrin, and stem cells in your injection serum. There is also no anti-coagulant used in this approach. 

If you want a regenerative approach that only uses your blood plasma and platelets, you can try the PRP method. You can choose to extract only the plasma or platelets specifically. This only involves injecting the plasma directly into your skin but requires slightly more blood. 

The area you want to treat also matters. Individuals with more advanced signs of aging can use PRF to help reduce wrinkles and hollowed skin. It also works as a natural filler. PRP is better for overall rejuvenation with less dramatic changes. In addition to skin treatments, you can do hair treatments as well. These treatments can be applied to your scalp to help improve your scalp’s health and the fullness of your hair.

Speak To Our PRP And PRF Specialists in Coral Gables

If you are unsure whether PRP and PRF is the best approach for you, just call our specialists. They’ll explain in detail exactly how PRP and PRF work. They can recommend either PRP or PRF based on your desired goals. This treatment is a great approach to surgery and can replenish your skin. After months of hard work and bad eating habits, you may have tired skin that needs nutrition. We can help you rejuvenate your entire countenance. Contact Vida and Co. now for an initial consultation to get started in Coral Gables.

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